About Me - Timm Lankau's Photon Trash Can
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Timm Lankau

Some photons get absorbed by chlorophyl and fuel the giant circle of life. Others start photochemical chain reactions and cease their existence with a mighty bang. The unlucky ones vanish in digital cameras and end up in pixel graves cluttering HDs. Among these, the unluckiest of the unlucky photons perish in my camera - the photon trash can.

I am a german expat living and working in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and welcome you to my no-thrills, art-free photo web site. The majority of my snaps presents Taiwan's colorful and exciting wild life and about the rest I am not so sure if it's really worth to be posted. And yes, I am not a biologist. So, if any animal or plant is wrongly labeled, please help me to improve this site.

Some of my personal favourites from this site